- Vortex expo (2009) -

Frédéric Nannan started drawing at an early age. He picks up painting in 1992 to finally attend the academy of painting in Wetteren in 1995. Between 1996 and 2008, he takes classes at the Academy of Ghent. There he can give shape and life to what he loves, to what enthrals him.

The academy has been a stepping stone for him. He shares his time between his artistic training and various humanitarian missions abroad. The academy was a real pleasure for him since one is not compelled to follow any given subjects.

Frédéric’s painting doesn’t follow any particular style. That freedom is actually what gives his work its richness and its power. His inspirations are mostly visual. He takes a lot of pictures of things he is seduced by. Some of them he keeps, others he throws away, but he always knows which ones he’ll be using.

Frédéric is 3D designer. He often uses the "very strict" side of himself to paint technical forms.
He starts by putting his inspiration down on canvas by means of his "technical" side, but eventually leaves his work to live its own life. Sometimes symbols or representations emerge from that process and eventually make his creativity unique.

Frédéric has his own atelier since a couple of months now. There he finds the necessary quietness and solitude. Some may feel at loss being all by themselves, he however appreciate it.

While painting is mainly a mental operation for him, sculpting on the other hand, which he started in 2008, gives shape, volume to what goes on in his head. His hands move on their own and there is no need for his mind to come in between. So when something eventually comes out of it, it's really liberating. The combination with painting gives him the chance to reconnect with colour that he misses while sculpting.

Last year he participated to the "Kunstsalon Gent" contest, where one of his paintings was selected and exhibited for a whole month.

For Ronse/Renaix, he has worked on the "shadow/light" duality. "Purification" gives it direction. These are, according to him, three points of a triangle between which he comes and goes. This duality gives a good image of his state of mind. All the questions he asks himself torment him. It's his dark side expressing itself. Frédéric accepts it, as it is full part of him. Light on the other hand, although present, is in an emerging phase. It is only recently that Frédéric considers his work in a kind manner. Partly because he knows and feels that he can now give form to what he loves. Sculpture has greatly helped him in this endeavour.

Today, he desires to exhibit. That is what interests him. He feels he has reached a certain point and wants to make space to "spit it out!" To start something new, rich of all the previous experiences. He wishes to show his entourage and other people, what he has been doing over the last 10 years.  "To explain them why I often didn’t join in for a drink" he jokes. He is eager to see what this threesome expo will bring. "I really wish to experience this and to share this experience with others!"

Text: Aurélie Vernichon
Translation: Marie-Hélène Elleboudt